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Silk for your soul

The silk scarf is double-sided, the fabric is 50 cm wide and has been cut in half and sewn by hand. Exclusive design from our own company, printed on high-quality silk - these are our silk scarves. They are partly produced in Switzerland, but now also worldwide. The borders are rolled by hand all around. The photo shows a cut-out in the size 25 x 25 cm. Limited edition. Swiss Design.


un tesoro!


Use it…

as a scarf | as a belt | as a bracelet | on the bag | as a hair band

Silk Scarf City Lights

SKU: 1826
  • Design: City Lights | available immediately


    Material: 100% Silk crêpe de chine | swiss design


    Dimensions: 25 x 140 cm | double-sided

  • Depending on the total value of your order, customs duties and VAT may apply in your country for this product if it is delivered from outside your country. Please note our terms and conditions.

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