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The new Sneaker-Trend

Discover the ultimate sneaker trend that puts all others to shame! Our latest sneaker offers not only an incredibly stylish design, but also the highest level of comfort for all day wear. With innovative materials and a perfectly tailored fit, you'll feel invincible. The sneaker is the must-have for all fashion-conscious guys and girls who always want to be up-to-date. Get your pair now and be part of the hottest trend in town!


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Sneakers Women Highflyer Stripes dégradé

SKU: 2022
  • Design: Stripes degradé
    Model article: Highflyer Women

    Delivery time 4-6 weeks


    Material: Synthetic leather

    Lining: Mesh lining

    Robust and soft rubber sole

    Light and flexible EVA insole

    100% vegan



    Women: 36 - 44

  • Depending on the total value of your order, customs duties and VAT may apply in your country for this product if it is delivered from outside your country. Please note our terms and conditions.

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