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The lightest backpack in the world.

This gym bag, printed with our design, is ideal for the gym. But it can also be used as an additional transport bag when you unexpectedly have to carry more things while shopping. The bag is as light as a feather (96 grams) and can still carry up to a maximum of 15 kilos. Two cotton straps with a drawstring closure allow you to wear the bag as a backpack.

Backpack Jungle Bird

SKU: 645F8AD55BED7_8894
  • Design: Jungle Bird
    Delivery time 2-3 weeks

    38.1 cm × 43.2 cm

    Backpack fabric, 100 % polyester
    sewn by hand

  • Depending on the total value of your order, customs duties and VAT may apply in your country for this product if it is delivered from outside your country. Please note our terms and conditions.

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